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About 411Farmnet

Hello and welcome to "YOUR FARMER TO FARMER" website.  This website was created for you, the farmer.  We have designed this website for you in mind and no one else.  This is your tool to explore, search and communicate with other farmers throughout the world.  You have the option to access new/used farm equipment anywhere throughout the world, find bargains, sell your equipment to a mass audience, and even find buyers for farmland that you may never have thought were available utilizing traditional methods.

411Farmnet is a unique website that focuses on the listing of farm equipment and farmland.  Yes, they do exist, however unlike other listings sites, this is a tool for farmers first to buy, sell or promote assets to potential buyers all over the world.  You are at the FOREFRONT.  This distinctive online service currently does not exist in this type of form and has been designed to create a positive impact to the industry worldwide opening doors to the farmer that they previously did not have.   We are strictly farmer to farmer focused, no middle man, and no cluttered dealer advertising. You will see direct farmer listings first and foremost and that is our difference.  We also eliminate traditional real estate methods and give the seller greater flexibility, control and ownership in finding buyers for their farmland.  Contact us today at  to see how. 

411 Farmnet was actually founded in 1999.  Since its creation the website was received with considerable enthusiasm and grew very quickly.  The site allowed farmers an alternative to traditional advertising methods and even featured a sale from a local Alberta farmer all the way across the world to Australia.  As technology has changed, so has 411Farmnet.  We are re-launching with the latest in technology that will make it easier for you to search, buy and sell.

You will find ease of access and user friendliness throughout the website.  We have tools to aid you in the sale of equipment, as well as real estate expertise that spans over 15 years.  The founders are farmers!  We grew up living in farming communities, and have worked and breathed seeding and harvesting crops, working with farm animals, and understanding the ups and downs of what is the agricultural industry.  We believed the farmer needed a tool that they could use to buy and sell their new/used equipment and farmland to other farmers and eliminate traditional methods that don't get results.  We want to eliminate the same methods that farmers have used to buy and sell farm land that frustrates and limits your options.  This tool is here for you to use to expand your possibilities. 

Welcome to 411Farmnet -"YOUR FARMER TO FARMER" community!