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Thank You!

Thank you!!!!!

Sometimes statistics can seem really boring, but as we continue to grow and offer considerable options for the farming community, these statistics become more interesting.  We are dedicated to providing you "MORE" used farm equipment - easy to access information regarding farm equipment that you are looking for - access to farm land that you may never have known about - and the ability to talk with other farmers all over the world. 

As one of the partners in this wonderful tool, I tend to track and follow these statistics just like clockwork!  I'd like to share some of the successes that we have achieved in only 2 weeks of re-launching 411 Farmnet.....

In less than 2 weeks, we have:

  • Over 500 visitors - new and re-occuring
  • Over 300 new visitors
  • Over 3,000 views of our pages on our website, and
  • We are viewing farmers in 10 provinces, 10 states and 3 European countries

Thank you again!  We look forward to visiting and talking with more and more farmers as we continue to grow.