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Farmer to Farmer?

We at are truly a "Farmer to Farmer" website.  That's our focus.  So we've been asked what do you actually mean by this? 

Well........we have talked to a lot of farmers, and I mean a lot.  We have spent the last 2 years, and I'd like to accentuate that by saying it's really been more than 10 years, talking to you -THE FARMER-  and finding out what one thing that really bothered you or what one thing you would like to see in your tool belt with regards to dealing with farm equipment and farmland.  What you really searched for on the internet.  What bothers you about what currently are your options for selling, buying, trading, listing, etc, and again more importantly - WHAT CAN WE BUILD FOR YOU AND SOLELY FOR YOU TO MEET THOSE NEEDS!

Farmer to Farmer means just that.  We have put you in the forefront.  Your listings, your equipment, your farmland is what everyone can search for and SEE FIRST!  Don't get us wrong, we love the farm equipment dealers out there, and we have created a seperate spot on our site for them.....but hey lets do something different - for you! You want to list your farm equipment or farmland and actually see it on the website, not buried behind 10 pages of dealer information.  That's what is and offers to you.  You can break through the clutter and see what's out there with farmers just like you.  That was our premise over 10 years ago and will continue to be our focus for the future.  We have great options such as using Youtube ( to create live - real time videos, SKYPE ( to talk directly with other farmers, and even "TRADE IT" to trade equipment or farmland directly with other farmers - NO MIDDLE MAN!

We want farmers to be able to talk to other farmers regarding farm equipment, farmland, crop analysis, marketing, regulations, weather, or whatever you like.  Hey, communication really helps put things in perspective sometimes when things are going good, or even when times seem tough.  There are a lot of options out there for you to go to, and some offer specific information on certain topics and we encourage you to seek those out.  We are not out there to compete directly with anyone, just offer that "ADDED VALUE" and do what we are good at. 

If you have new or used farm equipment or farmland that you want to buy or sell - WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!  The BEST place on the web for farmers to buy, sell or trade!  We list all brands of equipment from John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Case IH, Kello-Bilt, etc. 

So hopefully that answers the question what we really mean by "FARMER TO FARMER"! 

The 411Farmnet team looks forward to working with you and most importantly hearing from you soon.  Throw us a line at  We are standing by!