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Better Crop Yields Are Possible with Reliable Used Farm Equipment

Recently, Statistics Canada released a report detailing the country's crop yields for the latter part of the year; the results were inconclusive. On one hand, some of the early predictions for crop production in some areas appear to be on track. On the other hand, some places are seeing a decline in production.

The report goes on to say the anticipated reduction…

Buying Used Tractors for Sale Should be Like Purchasing Luxury Cars

Well, at least that's what many farmers in India are doing. The Economic Times reported that more Indian farmers are using luxury tractors and the trend is expected to persist with the generally improving economic conditions the country. This is marked by the surge of luxury tractor manufacturers and models in India:

The Japanese Kubota is sold in India now;…

Gear Up, Throttle Back: Buy Big Tractors for Sale and Save on Fuel





A article shares practical advice on how farmers can save on fuel costs:

You’ve heard all the usual tactics for using less tractor fuel: Change the oil, clean the air filters, inflate…

Helpful Tips for Saving on Overall Costs with Used Farm Equipment




January 2011 saw the implementation of the Interim Tier 4 standard by the Environmental Protection Agency. As a result, the next generation of tractors produced were more fuel efficient and produce around 90 percent less soot and 50 percent less nitrogen…

Manufacturers Offer New Tractors for Sale Amidst High Demand for Farm Equipment

Capital Press reports that the sales of farm equipment in North America surged during the first half of 2013, “exceeding last year's strong levels and surpassing manufacturer expectations.” The heavy buying was driven by Federal tax deductions on machinery purchases…

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