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SPAM - E-mails

If you are receiving e-mails for your listings that do not seem realistic or go on about nothing related to the farm equipment on your ad, please disregard the e-mail.

As our site grows and populates and gains more momentum as we are seeing, a common occurrence like this is inevitable.  Many new internet savvy people send out notes that they look for response from that have no relevance to the website.

In order to ensure our listers are able to check out our website and place their ads securiarly, we are doing our best to continuously monitor these e-mails and block all of these users.

If you are uncertain about an e-mail, please let us know.  As part of our own security measures, we do receive a copy of all e-mails so we are able to in most cases divert the issue.

Thank you again to our loyal followers and advertisers. 

The 411Farmnet Team