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News on Hail Insurance in Alberta

Officials with Agriculture Financial Services Corp. (AFSC) are urging Alberta farmers to consider hail insurance this year, following record crop damage in 2012.

Quality Tractors for Sale: Now that Canadian Wheat is Getting Better

In five years, Canadian farmers may once again take center stage in the global market for wheat. The newly formed Canadian Wheat Alliance (CWA), which is backed by $97 million worth of investments, recently vowed to improve research and development of this stable crop in the province of Saskatchewan, the country's hub for agricultural research. Foremost among the CWA's goals is to make Canadian wheat more profitable and environmentally sustainable at the same time.

Quality Tractors for Sale Can Boost Motorists' Safety on Kentucky Roadways

Since agriculture is the primary driving force behind Kentucky's economy, it isn't surprising to see large farm equipment, especially tractors, traversing roadways. Farmers drive their tractors to and from the fields, and occasionally cause traffic slowdowns as a result. Stu Johnson of WEKU News points out that quite a lot of tractor drivers have gotten into collisions with other motorists. In fact, Triple A reports showed 192 motor collisions in the state involving farm machinery.

Suspicious Payments

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