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Suspicious Payments

Hello again 411farmnet community.  As we continue to grow and spread the word about the benefits and successes of using, we also are faced with constant issues that test our security measures.  We have been successful at keeping everyone as safe as possible using our community website, but as we have mentioned in past blogs, that even the strongest safe can be broken.

This is just another reminder to please use your best judgement when dealing with inquiries.  Of all the inquiries we see, less than 5% turn out to be questionable.  One in particular is suspicious payments that have been sent to our community members.  Please do not cash or follow up with these suspicious payments and just discard of them completely.  We again are here to provide guideance as necessary but in most cases best judgement will help you make the right decision.

With all this being said, we like to say thank you to you "The 411farmnet community" for helping to grow and spread the word.  Happy seeding season and here's to great crops wherever you may live!