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Selling Farm Land on 411Farmnet

Selling your farm or farmland can be a very exciting proposition or a daunting one depending on the advice you receive. By working with, we have over 60 years of combined agricultural real estate experience here to aid you in your sale.  The best part is that you are in CONTROL the whole time.  Unlike traditional methods, you can post your farm or farmland for FREE (or promote it further with our flexible option plans). then looks after qualifying potential buyers for you.  The choice is all up to you on as we bring you qualified buyers from all over the world!  To close the deal, we then work with local real estate agents to finalize the sale.  You have never had more options!  No long term contracts and you now have opened the possibilities to an entirely vast audience that you didn't have before! 

When you list your farm or farmland with, none of your personal information is required.  Just the particulars of the items you are offering. acts as the buyer brokerage.  By listing on our site you benefit from:

  • No contract so sellers rights is a given
  • We qualify buyers (so tire kickers are non-existent)
  • We eliminate agents from trying to list a For Sale By Owner (FSBO)
  • You (the seller) remain anonymous until we locate a qualified buyer
  • No fees until a buyer is located and only at this point are fees negotiated.  These fees are typically paid for by the buyers unless there are legitimate reasons to why the buyer is unable to.  At this point, we will talk to the seller.
  • NO DUAL AGENCY EVER!!  We just don't play in that sandbox.
  • We do not take pride in being able to tell sellers that we sold their farm in mere hours or days.  This means that not everyone have privilege to the information.  Again, because we work with qualified buyers, all buyers that are qualified will be notified under contract. 

As an additional service, we offer a number of tools under our Reference section to aid you in everything you need to sell your farm or farmland.  We encourage you to take advantage of the tips and advice within tools to help you understand the entire process.

The tools help provide valuable advice on questions like:

  • When should you sell?
  • How do sell your farm or farmland for top value?
  • What does the market I live in bear?

and more...

Thinking of Selling?
We provide insight into the many factors that affect a selling decision. Various factors can affect the agricultural real estate market including economics, interest rates and the general supply and demand. Regardless of these factors, remember that the best time to sell is always when you're ready!

Getting Ready
As mentioned, with over 60 years combined of agricultural real estate experience, we can aid you in understanding your current market conditions and getting all your documents in place to ensure the selling process runs smoothly.

Marketing Your Farm or Farmland
By placing your listing on, you instantly open your opportunities to people and places that you never had before! is the ultimate marketing tool for exposure to farmers all over the world.