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Manufacturers Offer New Tractors for Sale Amidst High Demand for Farm Equipment

Capital Press reports that the sales of farm equipment in North America surged during the first half of 2013, “exceeding last year's strong levels and surpassing manufacturer expectations.” The heavy buying was driven by Federal tax deductions on machinery purchases…

Despite Age of Machines, Prices of Used Farm Equipment Still High

Generally, when a machine gets older, its value depreciates. But apparently, the same cannot be said of used farm equipment. T

Positive Outlook on Agriculture Industry Boosts Sales of FWD Tractors

Farming equipment sales have gone up, and so have commodity prices and farmland values. writer Martin Cash reports on the positive outlook of the agricultural sector as farmers are starting to make more money.

The agricultural business has always been unstable since many factors, including weather conditions, demand and supply equilibrium, and the economy could either…

Shifting Trends in the Market Call for Better 4-1-1 on Used Farm Equipment writer Kevin Hursh discusses the different trends in farm equipment technology, and how farmers are favoring used machinery which are more useful over “new iron” which are more expensive. He also mentions how different farming trends affect both the use and price of farming equipment, citing field cultivators as an example. These used to be priced at $1,000 but are now worth only…

Equipment Evaluation Reports

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