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Better Crop Yields Are Possible with Reliable Used Farm Equipment

Recently, Statistics Canada released a report detailing the country's crop yields for the latter part of the year; the results were inconclusive. On one hand, some of the early predictions for crop production in some areas appear to be on track. On the other hand, some places are seeing a decline in production.

The report goes on to say the anticipated reduction in Ontario corn will be largely due to a 2.2 million acre decline in harvested area. But in some areas, corn yields may also have been negativly (sic) affected by sporadic disease and frost.

Peter Johnson, an Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food field crop specialist, confirms that disease has been a problem for some growers, particularly Northern Leaf Blight in certain varieties.

"From early silage yield, Ontario's corn crop should be good," says Johnson. "But 2012 was a great year, and we do have some disease issues, so we would be suprised (sic) if corn yields were close to 2012 levels."

One way to deal with this is to introduce disease-resistant crops into farms, though admittedly this process can be very expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, even the most resilient variants of corn, soybeans, and the like are still subject to problems. To get the most out of their harvests, farmers should always strive to get the best implements at the best prices; reliable used farm equipment from sites like 411Farmnet can be a good place to start looking.

Sprayers, in particular, often prove useful in dealing with plant diseases via efficient pest management. Moreover, it is recommended that farmers be more extensive with caring for their crops by adopting better farming practices like creating efficient irrigation and drainage systems, proper plant spacing, and simply using clean tools. While these may seem to be too many things to do for small farmers, the benefits of good production far outweigh the initial investments

Farm equipment for sale online, like row planters and tractors, can allow farmers of all incomes to find the right deals for their specific purposes. Regardless of what action they take, farmers in Canada may need to take things up a notch if they wish to see better crop yields in the next harvest.

(From Statistics Canada produces mixed field crop forecast, Better Farming, October 05, 2013)