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Finding and buying farm equipment like tractors are not quite as simple as buying milk at the grocery store. Aside from the time and effort it takes to find the machine with the exact functions and specifications you require, there is also the investment amount to consider. Like with most products, new equipment is often better, but when it comes to cost and return on investment, sometimes new is not always the way to go.

As farmers are known to take good care of their equipment, they often resort to purchasing used equipment from other farmers to help lower their costs. Although this is already common practice among them, finding another farmer selling a reliable tractor is not always easy. The seller and his tractor may not be advertising his farm equipment in your local community because he's located all the way across the country, and you are not aware that he has his tractor up for sale. But with the help of 411Farmnet, you have access to the most extensive listing of tractors for sale in Canada.

As we provide farmers a means to place classifieds for the farm equipment and farm real estate that they want to sell, you can easily find the exact property or tractor for sale that you need. In case you are selling your own used tractor or other farm equipment, you can also create your own classifieds on our site so that it can reach other farmers from basically anywhere in the world.

We ourselves have extensive experience in the farming industry and have established 411Farmnet primarily for farmer to farmer transactions. This means that you do not have to deal with middle men and the associated markup. You are able to transact with other farmers directly and get a better understanding of the equipment or real estate that you are buying. When selling, you can prominently feature your farm real estate or used tractors for sale without having to pay another company to sell it for you.

While being the leading site with a farmer-to-farmer buying and selling platform, we also provide an avenue for you to trade farming equipment. With our Trade-It option, you can update your existing equipment by trading the current ones you are using for what you need, among other trades. To begin using our services, visit our Log In page and register for a new “myFarmnet Account”.