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Why You Should Buy Used Tractors for Sale

Farm equipment is an investment that you actually utilize. It doesn't come cheap, but the good thing is it's equipment that gets you the best return for the cost. When it comes to tractors, you can choose to purchase either a new one or a used one; whichever you pick will allow you to eventually recover your initial investment. So how do you decide which one to buy?

Brand New vs. Previously-Owned

If you're buying a tractor to use on your farm, you should consider several factors before deciding between brand new and used tractors for sale. The first thing to take note of is a tractor's depreciation. A new one's value starts to decrease the moment it gets delivered to your farm. This might not be a problem though if you're planning to keep the equipment to use frequently on your land, or if you're only keeping it for a short while to sell off again. On the other hand, a used tractor is a good investment if you're planning to sell it again after a couple of months' use – you might even be able to recoup your initial cash out if you make improvements on the unit.

Another factor to consider is your farm area. Buying a brand new tractor is ideal if you have hundreds or thousands of acres of farmland to cultivate. As a professional farmer, you'll need equipment that is in top working condition and is built to last. On the other hand, a used tractor might suffice if you have only a small garden to cultivate and harvest.

Tax breaks are another deciding factor. Many countries provide tax breaks for buying farming equipment especially if you're a professional farmer. If you qualify for this tax break, you might want to consider purchasing a brand new tractor in order to take advantage of this law. If you're not qualified for this tax advantage, you might be better off buying a cheaper but functional used tractor.

Where to Find Brand New and Used Tractors for Sale

At 411Farmnet, we have listings of used and new tractors for sale or trade. We carry different quality brands of tractors from John Deere and New Holland to Farmall and Case IH. Because our site is created specifically for farmers, most of the farm equipment on the site as well as for sale farmlands are owned by professional farmers. If you're planning to buy a tractor or other equipment you've seen on our website, you can contact the seller directly, as our site is geared toward helping fellow farmers and eliminating middle men in the sale or trade of farm equipment and land.